Te Tuhi Talks

I’m off to Auckland next week to do some work with Te Tuhi. I worked with their Executive Director Hiraani Himona during my time at the South London Gallery and I’ve been doing some consultancy with Te Tuhi over the last six months, talking about their informal learning programs and plans for the future, which has been really exciting. I’m going to be spending some time working with their team before giving a talk as part of their public program series, Te Tuhi Talks on Wednesday 2 August.

This hour-long talk will focus on peer-led learning and partnership projects and reflect on my experiences working on the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project in London; piloting Kaldor Public Art Project’s Regional Youth Engagement Program; and on my current role as Young Creatives Coordinator at the MCA. The talk will be followed by a workshop with youth educators and public programmers from across New Zealand, which I’m also really looking forward to.



New role: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

I am so excited to be starting a new role this week at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

As Young Creatives Coordinator I am going to be managing all their youth-led programs, including their Young Guides and the MCA’s Youth Committee, who are responsible for programming the Museum’s flagship event for young people 12-18, GENEXT.

GENEXT has been running since 2005 and is the only program of it’s kind in Australia - both in terms of longitude and scale (upward of 600 teenagers attend this five-times yearly event) , but also in terms of its informal, peer-led learning approach. It’s a program I’ve been following since before I left London so it feels like a bit of a dream to be running it now.

I’ll also be responsible for programming their monthly Lights On Later workshop series. There’s so much to look forward to.

Oh, and getting to work in such an iconic location, right on Circular Quay, under the gaze of the Harbour Bridge and across from the Sydney Opera House is also not going to suck.

Photo: Pieter Naessens.

Photo: Pieter Naessens.



Louise Paramor profile for Art Collector magazine, issue 78

I had the opportunity to interview Louise Paramor for the latest issue of Art Collector magazine. I really loved exploring her work and so appreciated the chance to write about it.

You can read the profile here.