Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin profile for Art Collector magazine

I really think one of the greatest privileges that comes with being an ‘Art Writer’ (for want of a less vague term…) is having the opportunity to speak with artists about their work. It sounds obvious, I know. But I’ve always been drawn to the idea of art as a physical, visual expression of sentiment, experience or enquiry. So to have the chance to talk to artists and to learn about why they make art and what they’re trying to say about themselves and the world through it, well sometimes it just blows my mind. I guess I’m just grateful that in an age of budget cuts and curriculum changes and gallery closures and General Uncertainty that there are still people out there who feel compelled to make art.

Late last year Art Collector magazine commissioned me to write a profile on young Melbourne artist Kevin Chin for a special edition they were putting together for Art Stage Singapore, which took place last month. I didn’t know anything about him or his work before starting so to talk with him and to learn about him and his work – its inspiration and its construction – was just so enjoyable. So here’s to artists everywhere.

You can read my profile on Kevin here.